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Why You Need Proper Roof Installation for Storm Damage Claims

When you have storm damage you will need to a choose a roofer who knows how to fight for you. At Absolute Assurance Restorations, a top rated roofers in Mansfield Ohio, our roofers are highly trained and they know how to fight for you to get legitimate storm damage covered.

Oftentimes, an insurance company is motivated to pay to have your roof and siding repaired and move on, regardless of whether some corners need to be cut to cover the costs of the repairs. Many less experienced and shoddy roofers don’t speak up and try to get all of the damaged parts of your home covered. But when an experienced storm damage restoration company is doing the work, we push to be certain ALL damages are covered and that your roof is installed in accordance with the Ohio Revised Code regulations. In other words, when your roof is damaged we don’t cut corners, your roof will be installed correctly and up to code.

Proper Roof Installation

Mansfield roofers roof replacement and vinyl siding installation and chimney flashing on home

When a roof is installed, no matter if the homeowner or the insurance company is paying for it, it has to be installed correctly. But why? Aside from the obvious answer, an improper roof installation can cause your insurance company to deny a future storm damage claim. So if a roofer installs your roof and cuts corners any future storm claims can be denied because of the shoddy installation. And yes, an insurance company is within their rights to deny a claim if a roof wasn’t installed properly.

How do I protect myself against a shoddy roof installation?

Roofing Contractor Reviews

First, you can protect yourself from choosing a bad roofing company by always checking their online Facebook and Google reviews. Online reviews can help paint a solid picture of the type of workmanship and follow-up a particular roofing company offers. A lack of reviews or consistently bad reviews may be an indicator that that roofer is not up to the task. 

Roofing Certifications

Second, check if they are a certified roofing company with a shingle manufacturer. For example, we have a Master Elite certification from GAF. This means that we have been trained by GAF to install their roofs properly and in accordance with the local regulations. And when we do a roof replacement, you will know that it is installed correctly and that we stand behind our work and an insurance company will know that it was installed properly upon inspection.

Roofers License and Insurance 

Lastly, check your roofers insurance and licensing credentials. Be certain they carry workman’s compensation insurance in case any on-the-job accidents occur. And check their general licensing to be certain they are locally licensed and have demonstrated a general workmanship quality.

Following these three basic tips will reduce the likelihood you ever experience a future roofing installation disaster. Prevention here is key and keep in mind that many people do not know to follow these basic steps, which opens them up to bad outcomes with their roof. We have witnessed many nightmarish scenarios involving shoddy roofing companies. 

Absolute Assurance Restorations is a top rated Mansfield roofing company. We have multiple locations across the Central Ohio Region. We also offer top rated siding contractors, gutter installation, windows and skylight contractors services. Our roofing services includes shingles, metal roofing, slate roofing, rubber and flat roofs. Lastly, we do all types of commercial roofing services. Contact us today for a free roof estimate. (419) 709-7223.

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