roof replacement sheathing after shingles were torn off
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When Do You Need New Roof Sheathing?

When you have an undetected leak on your roof for a prolonged period of time you may have to replace your sheathing. This is because vulnerable shingles that appear to be undamaged to the eye, are actually damaged because of severe storms or improper roof installation.

The sheathing under your roof, also referred to as the deck, is the wood support that makes up the base of your roof. It is the sheathing that all of your shingles are nailed to. When your roof shingles are damaged, rain water can make its way underneath your roofing system and get trapped between the shingles and the wood. Once trapped, the water will rot the wood beneath your shingles and your roofing system. Over time, your sheathing will rot and create even easier paths for water to make it into your home.

Damaged Roof Sheathing

The sheathing on your roof is made of oriented strand board (OSB) or plywood. Since they are both wood products, they are susceptible to wood rot. In older homes, long wood boards were used as the decking that your shingles are nailed to. Again, all of these boards are susceptible to wood rot if moisture and rain water makes it way underneath the shingles. Water damaged sheathing can cause additional problems for your home. 

Water Damaged Sheathing

Constant leaking onto your sheathing can occur due to damaged shingles. Lifted up shingles caused by storms and improper installation (like nails going all the way through the shingles) can both cause pathways for water to get underneath your shingles. Oftentimes, when this situation occurs it is not immediately noticeable that your roof is leaking. It could takes months, even years, for damage to be noticeable on the interior of your home. This is especially true if the water is trapped between the sheathing and your shingles. 

Ceiling damage inside your home is an obvious symptom of a roof leak. What isn’t obvious is how long that roof leak has been occurring and the extent of the damage the leak has caused. It is possible that the water finally made its way down to your ceiling because it took some time to rot out your sheathing. Rain water repeatedly making its way underneath your shingles and roofing system, and sitting for prolonged periods (without drying) will rot the sheathing wood.

Molded Sheathing

First, water damaged roof sheathing can lead to mold on the underside of the sheathing wood. When the rain water gets through your shingles and flashing it just sits there. There is no guarantee it will dry out and not cause additional damage, thereby causing mold. Which opens the door for the second problem, prolonged leaks can lead to water getting into the walls of your home, if not immediately repaired, where mold will grow. 

Mold needs to be dealt with immediately. Any roof sheathing with mold on it needs to be replaced as soon as possible. Moldy wood in your home is not safe for you and your family. And until the roof leak is repaired, and sheathing replaced, additional rain water will keep making its way into your home causing further, and more costly damage. 

Sagging Roof

A sagging roof is evidence of damaged sheathing underneath. If you notice from the ground that your roof is sagging, contact a qualified roofing professional immediately. A sagging roof can be dangerous because you don’t know how bad it is or where the weaknesses are. Entire sections of the roof could be completely rotted out. 

Roof Sheathing Installation

Once your roof is diagnosed and any leaks are identified, it is hugely important to hire a qualified roofing company to repair your roof damage properly and bring your home up to code. (Referring to the Ohio Revised Code regulations for roofing installation.) A lot of “preferred contractors” and shoddy roofers don’t install sheathing correctly, or even realize that it needs to be replaced, so be certain you hire roofers you can verify are knowledgeable about the process and the necessary regulations. 

gray shingles on a new roof installation
Roof installation where we had to install new sheathing underneath

Lastly, it is important to always keep in mind you need proper roof installation to avoid any problems with your manufacturer’s warranty. An improperly installed roof may void the warranty. Also, if you have a storm damage claim, your insurance company may deny your claim because your roof was not installed in accordance with the Ohio Revised Code

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