what shingles are best roof with premium architectural shingles
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What Types of Shingles Are the Best?

When you need to replace your roof there are a lot of options to choose from  when you need to select your shingles. Which do you choose? Should I focus on price or quality? The most popular shingles people use are 3-tab, 30-year Architectural and the Premium Architectural. Which one you choose to use depends on the overall cost you want to pay, the useful life of the roof you want, and the region of the country you live in. 

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Asphalt Shingles Roof Installation


Firstly, the 3-tab is the least expensive kind of roof shingle.  Many landlords install the 3-tab on their rental houses in order to keep their overall rent prices cheaper. As a side note, the 3-tab is more difficult to install because the roofing contractor installing it must be certain that all of the tabs, rows and columns align so you get those straight lines and nice pattern on the roof.

Secondly, the 3-tab has a shorter useful life than the architectural. They tend to last only about 20-25 years. Lastly, if you live in a region with high winds and is likely to have harsh storms, then the 3-tab is not going to be your best option. The 3-tab roughly up to a 60-mph wind resistance, making it the least durable of the asphalt shingles on the market. Typically, people in the more temperate southeast and southwest of the country are more likely to install the 3-tab. 


First of all, architectural shingles cost more to purchase than 3-tabs, due to the higher quality. The extra cost is justified because you will get a longer useful life out of them. Also, they are much more durable than the 3-tabs when considering the weather. They have a slightly greater wind resistance than the 3-tab. They can endure up to 70-mph winds when they are installed properly. 

Premium Architectural Shingles

Premium Architectural Shingles are the most expensive of the three types. However, they provide the maximum protection against the harsh winds. The Midwest and the northeast are hot-spots for this premium roof shingle. Also, these have a useful life of 50 years. On this rare occasion, the most expensive roofing option is typically what shingle is best.

So What Shingles are the Best?

what shingles are best roof with premium architectural shingles

To sum it up, if you aren’t sure what shingles are best, if you live in a high wind region, you should be installing Premium Architectural. If you live in a moderate climate area, you can install the basic 3-tab. If you aren’t sure what type of wind region you live in, contact a local licensed and certified roofing company. Also, you can contact your insurance company and they can possibly help you.

Absolute Assurance Restorations is a roofing company in Central Ohio. Also, our roofing services also include siding installation and windows installation. In addition, we also do skylight installation services. Contact us for a free roof estimate. Call (419) 709-7223.

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