sideview of the peak of a brown shingled roof with pink chalk markings signifying what does hail damage look like
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What Does Hail Damage Look Like?

When you hear about hail storms they sound really awful. The amount of damage they can cause is extensive. Whether it is cars, homes, and even trees, it can be brutal. However, if a hail storm occurs in your area how can you tell if it has damaged your property?

What Does Hail Damage Look Like?

sideview of piece of silver metal flashing attached to a chimney on a shingle roof with dents to demonstrate what does hail damage look like on metal flashing

What does hail damage on shingles look like?

Thirdly, most homes have shingle roofs, so you will need to take a close look at the them. Spotting hail damage on a shingle roof is difficult to see from the ground, so you may need to contact a qualified roofer to check for you. And fear not, a good roofer will inspect your roof for free and let you know if there is legitimate hail damage.

Hail damage to your shingles will likely cause roof leaks in the future. Because most of the small damage indentations seem harmless, or because they are tough to spot from the ground, many homeowners are unaware of the damage caused by a previous storm. It won’t be until a roof leak occurs that they will be made aware of a problem. Even then, many never find out they are victims of hail damage.

overhead closeup view of brown shingled roof with a circle chalk mark identifying what does hail damage look like

What Does hail Damage on Siding Look Like?

And don’t forget your siding! Small hairline cracks can be tricky to spot, or the large gaping holes in the siding that are obvious from the ground, are both caused by hail. Be certain to have your siding inspected by siding contractors who are qualified.

sideview of gray vinyl siding with lots of cracks and holes to show what does hail damage on siding look like
What does hail damage look like on metal flashing?

On metal flashing, hail damage looks like small dents and indentations. The size of the hail stones will determine the size of the dents and the frequency of dents is determined by the sheer volume of the hail.

What does hail damage look like on a roof with shingles?

On a roof with shingles, hail damage caused small indentations in the shingles about the size of a thumb. The amount of indentations on the roof is determined by the amount of hail that occurs.

What does hail damage look like on vinyl siding?

On vinyl siding, hail damage causes hairline cracks, punctures, and small to large holes. The severity of the damage is determined by the size of the hail and the volume of hail during the storm.

Hail Damage Roofers Near You

When you suspect you have had a hail storm, see damage to your home caused by a recent storm, or you believe a roof leak might be caused by damage to your roof and siding, contact a trusted roofing professional who specializes in storm damage. Storm damage restoration companies that are good can provide you with the documented evidence you need to file a claim with your insurance. And they will be able to provide you with the roof repairs including, roof replacement, window replacement, gutter installation, and siding repairs you may need.

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Here are some examples of our work for homes that had full roof replacements caused by storm damage.

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