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Hire Local Roofers? Check Their Qualifications First

As one of the top rated roofers in Mansfield we are often called to fix a roof that was previously put on by another “local roofer”. Typically, this means the homeowner has a bad leak and their home is vulnerable due to shoddy installation by another company.

Affordable Roofing Gone Bad

We had another one of these recently. It involved a slick sounding roofer who presented himself as an experienced roofer who was capable of handling a very large roofing project. Unfortunately, he couldn’t handle it and he didn’t. After agreeing to a very low price to replace someone’s roof, this roofer ended up abandoning the project after some of the work had already been started. He had the old roof torn off and then stopped working on the home and never came back. He left their home in a very vulnerable state and created a situation that caused severe damage.

(As a homeowner, it is important to note that if you hire a roofer who starts a project, then abandons the project, your insurance is not likely to cover the cost of any damages caused by harsh weather while your roof, siding and windows are in an unfinished state.)

Immediately after this sequence of events, the homeowner contacted us and we were on the scene quickly to see how we could help remedy this dreadful situation. We worked up an estimate, covered the roof with tarps, and scheduled a roof installation within days. (A special “thank you” to a kind homeowner who was more than willing to reschedule her roof installation to help out this homeowner.) 

Hire Qualified Roofing Contractors

roofers near me Mansfield home with shingle roof and vinyl siding

Ultimately, we were able to remedy this situation quickly by doing the new roof installation and preventing any additional damage to the home. However, the frustration for this homeowner is not over because she had already paid that bad contractor for work he never did (she had advanced him about half the money for the job). I sincerely hope she will be able to get her money back. 

To prevent such a situation from occurring in the future, always research the contractor you are wanting to hire. Check their company credentials, license and insurance. Also, make sure they are qualified to handle the type of job you need done, check for certifications (for example, Absolute Assurance Restorations is certified to install roofs by shingle manufacturers GAF and Certainteed). Then check for Better Business Bureau registration and any unresolved complaints. In addition, check their references and verify if they have undertaken additional projects like yours. 

Lastly, check all of their online reviews. Most importantly, check their Google and Facebook reviews and see if other customers are satisfied with their work. 

Absolute Assurance Restorations is a top rated roofer in Mansfield, Ohio. Additional services we offer include vinyl siding contractor services, skylights, seamless steal roofing, and gutters. Contact us for a free estimate by calling (419) 709-7223.

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How to Choose a Roofer in Fredericktown Ohio

How do I choose a roofer in Fredericktown, Ohio? When you have a roof leak, follow these steps when you are looking for a roofing company in Fredericktown, Ohio.

First of all, identify and document as much of the damage as you can. It is important to have an idea of what is wrong before contacting any roofer. For example, if you know you have a roof leak, try to pinpoint which part of the roof it may be coming from, if possible. 

Choose a Top Rated Roofer in Fredericktown, Ohio

how to choose a roofer in fredericktown ohio home with asphalt roof

Secondly, do an internet search for a local roofing company and your goal is to find the top rated roofer. Check each companies online ratings. Be sure that the company you are looking to contact has an actual online profile with website and reviews. Above all, focus on their overall review score and be sure they have plenty of actual reviews. Choosing a company with a high review score, but only a handful of reviews is not the most reliable way to secure a company with a solid reputation. 

It is certainly important to read some of the actual reviews. You will want to be certain that your particular roofer of choice has the skills to provide the roofing services that you need. As a result, you will be able to work with a roofer who has the experience that you need to have a headache free experience. Similarly, you can contact the Better Business Bureau to check a company’s business standing in your local community. 

Also, check the roofing companies licensing and insurance information of the roofer. By checking their State of Ohio licensing and insurance information, consequently, you will be insulating yourself from scammers and irresponsible opportunists who are reckless. Even more, check their references and find out what their previous customers have said about their workmanship and communication skills. 

Get a Free Roof Estimate

Lastly, contact your roofer in Fredericktown for a free roof estimate. Almost all top rated roofing contractors offer you a free estimate on your roof. Be certain when they do the estimate that it is thorough and  accounts for all visible and interior damage that may need a repair. This will help you avoid contractors who give you a low-ball bid and then inflate the estimate after they start the physical work. 

I hope you have found this helpful about how to choose a roofer in Fredericktown. Contact Absolute Assurance Restorations if you need a roofing company in Fredericktown, Ohio. We will provide you with a free estimate, contact us today at (740) 507-1690. In addition to roofing, we provide siding, skylights, and windows installation services. 

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