roofing in Mansfield home with new shingle roof replacement and vinyl siding and masonry repair
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Simple Roof Replacement Quickly Paid For by Insurance

With much of the region getting little rain over the past two months, quite a few homeowners had no idea they had storm damage. After the recent rains, those same homeowners sought to get their roofs repaired very quickly. One of them reached out to us by filling out one of our lead forms on our website. They mentioned they needed a roof inspection for a roof leak repair. We responded back to them shortly after their submission and scheduled a time for us to do a roof inspection on their home, at their convenience.

Storm Damage Roof Inspection

After we inspected their roof, we confirmed the source of their roof leak. However, in addition to the leak, we also revealed to them the storm damage we had discovered on multiple sides of their roof. Their shingles were curled upward in certain parts of the roof and “lifted up” in multiple other areas.

I explained to them their options and demonstrated that they had extensive wind damage. They agreed to use us as their roofing company of choice and had us set in motion our storm damage process. We provided them with a general estimate and they contacted their insurance with it. Less than a week later, their insurance company met at their home and we were there also (at the homeowner’s request) and their insurance adjuster verified all of the documented wind damage. Later, the insurance company approved all of the damage and told them they qualified for a new roof replacement.

New Roof Installation

roofers Mansfield home with new shingle roof installation and vinyl siding and masonry repair
New roof replacement, vinyl siding and gutters on home and garage

We scheduled with the homeowner the best time to do their roof replacement. In addition to replacing their roof, they wanted to install some new sections of gutters because they were pretty aged and beat up. They picked the style of shingles they wanted for their home and we ordered all of the necessary materials.

We installed an entire roofing system with leak barriers, roof deck protection, proper attic ventilation, heavy-duty lifetime shingles and ridge caps. (Their roof is warrantied by the manufacturer and comes with our workmanship guarantee.) We did the roof tear-off and new roof installation in the same day and cleaned up the entire yard afterward. Their new roof looks great!

One Week Turnaround Time

To sum up, firstly we discovered and documented legitimate storm damage on their roof. Secondly, days later it was verified by their insurance company. Thirdly, later that same day the insurance company approved the claim. Next, the homeowner selected the shingle style and color, and decided to have us do some additional work at the same time. Then we scheduled the roof installation for two days later (pending weather). Lastly, we installed the new roof, inspected it, and cleaned up afterwards. From start to finish this process took one week! 

Mostly, this roofing claim was pretty simple and straightforward. But it isn’t always this easy, getting a new roof paid for by insurance because of storm damage can sometimes take extra time because of the back and forth with the insurance company. However, it is important for every homeowner to know that when you qualify for a claim, Absolute Assurance Restorations will be certain to fight on your behalf to make sure that your roof repair or new roof replacement is done properly and installed in accordance with the regulations in the Ohio Revised Code.

Absolute Assurance Restorations is certified and licensed for roofing in Mansfield. We are top rated in roofing, vinyl siding installers, windows and skylight replacement. Also, as a gutter company, we are top rated as well. Contact us for a free estimate, (419) 709-7223.

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