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Simple Garage Roof Repair Becomes Free Roof Installation

Recently a customer called us for a routine free roof inspection on his garage roof in Mansfield, Ohio. He discovered a leak and contacted us to handle this basic roof repair. He had looked us up online and researched our company and the types of work we did. He was especially interested in the quality of work we did. We were pleased he trusted us to handle the work for him. 

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Proven Roof Inspection Process

When one of our highly trained roofers inspected his garage roof he discovered that the garage had severe storm damage. Also, because our roofers are trained to be very thorough, he inspected the roof of the man’s home as well. It is very fortunate that our roofer followed our normal roof inspection process because the roof on the home had even worse storm damage than the garage! 

We advised this customer of his various options and recommended a course of action that would serve the best interests of the homeowner. He contacted his insurance and provided them with our estimate and photographic evidence and the insurance company agreed that this was a possible claim. The insurance company wanted to meet the homeowner at the residence to verify all of the damages. The homeowner invited us to join to be certain all of the damages were pointed out from the inspection report. The insurance company verified the severe storm damage and the homeowner qualified for two new roofs. Both the garage and the home!

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mansfield roofers near me home with new shingle roof and vinyl siding and gutters
New Roof Replacement, Vinyl Siding and gutters

This story demonstrates what our roofers at Absolute Assurance Restorations deal with practically every day. What appears to be a simple roof leak to the homeowner, even to other “local roofers”, our roofers end up uncovering severe storm damage because of our proven storm damage inspection process. This simple call for a roof repair turned into a new roof for a garage and home and it was all paid for by insurance. And yes, ALL of our roofers are trained to follow this process on every roof inspection. We don’t miss any damage and we always recognize legitimate storm damage. 

Here is another recent example of our storm damage inspection process uncovering damage that qualified for new roof paid for by insurance. 

If you have a roof leak or visible damage from the ground always take the necessary steps to restore your home to its proper condition. At Absolute Assurance Restorations we pride ourselves on providing the best roofing services in the entire region. We follow all standards put forth by the Ohio Revised Code and we use the highest quality materials. In other words, your home will be installed by licensed and certified installers and the quality of shingles (or slate roofing, metal roofing, rubber, etc.) we use are not available to the average retail shoppers. 

In addition to roofing, we are also siding contractors, skylight contractors and windows installation services. We are among the top rated roofing companies in Mansfield, Ohio. Contact us for a free estimate by calling (419) 709-7223.

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