Slate roofs offer incredible protection against the harsh Ohio weather because of their durability. In addition, they create a remarkably classic look to your home.

With minimal maintenance, slate can last well over 100 years. Many homeowners who install slate roofing have no worries about their roof going bad and have a curbside appeal to their homes that other types of roofs struggle to match. Typically, a slate roof costs more to install than a normal asphalt shingle roof, but the longevity of the is unmatched. 

Also, slate comes in a variety of colors including grey, black, cedar and evergreen. We will assist you in matching the best color for your home.

slate roofing home with gray siding on home with slate roof

Slate Roof Repair

  • Slate Roof Repair – We will provide you with a free estimate and repair your roof.
  • Replacement – We can replace the entire roof if necessary.
  • Installation – We can install a new slate roof on your home. 
  • Insurance Restoration – We provide you with a free estimate and consultation about the best course of action to repair or replace your storm damaged roof. 

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What are the Advantages of a Slate Roof?

  • Exceptional Durability – Slate roofs can last 100 years when installed properly. The durable rock can withstand harsh winters and hot summers, perfect for Central Ohio weather.
  • Curbside Appeal – It has a very sharp look to it from the street. There aren’t many roofs that can compete with its beauty.
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Fire and Mold Resistant – Since slate is a type of rock it is fire resistant and impervious to mold. 


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