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Recent Storms Caused Extensive Roof Damage

Recently, the roofing calls we have been receiving are all about storm damage. When mass storms hit a region, customers are in serious need of Mansfield roofing companies stepping up their game and providing essential roofing services. And winter is here and there is more volatile weather coming with it. Getting these roof repairs and replacements moving quickly is our number one priority. 

Roof Inspections in Mansfield

The vast majority of our calls this week were in relation to the recent storms and the high winds that accompanied them. Our highly trained roofers are responding quickly and efficiently. After we do the roof inspection, the majority of our customers are enrolling in our storm damage process. This process is when we work closely with the homeowner and provide the appropriate documentation to them. Then they can provide this to their insurance company on a storm damage claim. (It is important to note, most customers ask us to be there when their insurance company looks at their roof damage to make sure no damages are missed.) Whether it is a roof repair or a complete roof replacement, we are there to provide accurate information to the homeowner to assist them through the storm damage process. And yes, our inspections are very thorough and we don’t miss any legitimate storm damage. 

Also, in quite a few of the inspections from this particular storm, there was extensive siding damage and gutter damage due to fallen trees and tree limbs. We’ve got that covered as well. We provide all of the storm damage restoration services you will need. 

Storm Damage Roof Replacement

Mansfield roofers near me home with shingle roof replacement and vinyl siding installation

Almost all of the recent roof inspections we have done are storm damage verified. Quite a few even had only minor leaks inside the home, but ended up being severely damaged on the roof. Either way, when your roof is totaled, we will be there for you to get it replaced properly and to be certain you aren’t left on the hook to have to pay for a brand new roof. 

When legitimate storm damage is discovered during a roof inspection, a homeowner may be eligible to have their entire roof paid for through a storm damage claim. All of our inspections are thorough and provide you with the necessary information you need to make an informed decision about your options. All damage that is approved as storm damage by your insurance company, we will repair or replace those damaged parts in accordance with the Ohio Revised Code. Everything is done correctly and completed in a timely fashion at your convenience. 

If you have storm damage or think that you might, contact Absolute Assurance Restorations, Mansfield’s top rated storm damage experts. We provide all residential roofing services that you need, including shingles, metal roofing, slate roofing, rubber roofs and flat roofs. Also, we are top rated vinyl siding company, skylight contractor and gutter installation.  Contact us for a free roof inspection (419) 709-7223.

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