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Roofing Reviews Project 8: Storm Damage Roof Replacement

Storm damage can be tricky. Do you file a claim or not? In most cases it is best to consult experienced roofing professionals when it comes to the best course of action for storm damage to your roof and siding. And make sure you find a qualified roofer when you do!

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This particular homeowner had significant damage to numerous parts of their roof. However, the shingles on the roof looked fine from the ground. This is despite the fact that there was clearly a leak somewhere on the roof, because there were over three different areas where their ceiling had water damage.

When we got onto the roof to verify the damage, we were able to confirm that the storm had broken the seals on the shingles on multiple parts of their roof. However, the shingles were not torn from the building by the wind gusts. So the shingles were “lifted up” during the storm and then set back down when the wind died down. 

This type of wind damage is often unnoticed by unqualified roofers and who recommend the homeowner just pay for a new roof replacement. Comparatively, we discover these types of damages on your roof and oftentimes we can get you a new FREE roof, paid for by insurance. 

“Absolute Assurance was a pleasure to work with! The owner is very responsive to any questions or concerns during and after the process!”

Sara Kruis

-Absolute Assurance Restorations customer

Roof Repair or Replacement?

Sometimes the damage on your roof is not widespread and we will recommend a partial roof repair. However, not all roofing companies understand this point either. This requires the experience to understand how sections of your roof relate and whether or not a repaired section can connect appropriately. And the color needs to match as well, which, again requires a certain level of expertise. The last thing you want is a roof that looks silly from the ground level. This would hurt the value of your home. 

The last thing any homeowner needs is to feel stressed out over paying for a new roof when a partial roof repair for a section of it will suffice. As a matter of pride we strive to provide you with the most ideal options for your home when you have storm damage. 

When you have damage to your roof, choose a company that provides you with the best options for your home. You can tell by checking their ratings online and recognizing other customers with similar experiences. At Absolute Assurance Restorations, we will provide you with those customer references and reviews. 

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Absolute Assurance Restorations are highly recommended roofers serving the Mansfield, Ohio region. We offer the full spectrum of roofing services including, shingles, slate roofing, metal roofing, rubber roofing and flat roofing. Also, our siding contractors are the best in the business and offer options that will greatly enhance your homes curb appeal and value. In addition, we are skylight contractors and will do any gutter replacement you need. 

Lastly, if you need chimney repairs, fireplace repair, block work, stone work, and custom brick work, our highly trained masons will be able to assist.

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