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Roofing Reviews Project 7: New Roof & Gutters

Getting a new roof installation for the first time can feel overwhelming. However, that stress you may feel can be alleviated when you work with a knowledgeable roofer. For customers of Absolute Assurance Restorations we work diligently with them throughout the process to make for an easy new roof installation experience. 

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We respond quickly to our customers when they call. When we arrive we will do a thorough inspection of the entire roof. We will find any roof leaks and storm damage and document it. For example, one of the roofs we inspected had roof damage from storms with lifted up shingles. However, you couldn’t tell from the ground that the shingles were damaged. But there were leaks on the ceilings inside the home, so there was certainly damage somewhere! 

After consulting with the homeowner we got the ball rolling and started the roof replacement process. This particular roof was a full replacement and we also updated the fascia boards and gutters. 

Should you replace your gutters when you get a new roof? You should get them replaced if they are severely worn, rusted, and beat up. It tends to be cheaper to have your roofer do the gutter installation when they are also doing the new roof.

At a minimum, be certain all of your gutters are repaired and functioning properly while the roofers are there installing your new roof, or even if they are there for a roof repair. Our roofers will document any gutter problems when they are inspecting your roof. 

home with new gray siding and new roof done by shelby roofing companies


“We were very pleased with the work Absolute Assurance did on our new roof, fascia and gutters. They left no mess behind and that made me very happy. We will definitely be using them for future renovations.”

Sheery E.

“Thank you for giving our company an opportunity to take care of your roofing needs.”

-Jason Jones, Absolute Assurance Restorations

Fascia  & Soffitsexterior of home with gray siding and new roof redone by shelby roofers

During any new roof installation, it is best to get your fascia boards and soffits updated as well, if they need it. Again, it is cheaper for you to have it done while the roofers are there, so talk with your roofer about this.

Most fascia boards need replaced because of old age and weather damage. Having updated fascia boards makes your home look much better and adds to the curb appeal. 

Repairing your soffits is essential and necessary. Soffits prevent moisture buildup inside the rafters of your roof. So never allow your soffits to go unrepaired for too long. 

Siding  Contractors

gray home with new siding done by siding contractors

We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality service as roofing contractors in Mansfield, Ohio. We can replace any type of roof including shingles, metal roofing, slate roofing and rubber. Also, our siding contractors services are top rated and include both siding repairs and siding installation. 

Lastly, we do gutter installation, windows and skylight installation

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