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Roofing Reviews Project 6: Roof Damage Repairs

If you have roof damage, it is likely that it was caused by a storm. So who do you contact when you need a high quality roof repair and you need it done in a timely done fashion? Call roofers who are highly rated and have demonstrated the skillset to successfully repair your roof.

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This particular customer contacted us about a couple of  leaks in their roof. After our thorough roof inspection, we determined that most of their roof still had about fifteen years of lifespan remaining. However, two simple repairs (flashing) were necessary to fix some leaks. Also, a partial replacement of one of the sections had gotten beaten up pretty bad by recent high winds. This caused numerous leaks in one area. 

Fortunately, the customer was able to get a quick and easy claim processed by their insurance company who agreed with our assessment of the situation. We scheduled the roofing repairs and partial roof replacement and fully restored their roof. The homeowner was pleased with this outcome and we were happy to assist.  It means a lot to us to provide great service to homeowners in their time of need. 

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“Friendly, fast and quality!!”

Famous Jamie the Barber

“Thank you for the five star review. We appreciate it very much.”

-Jason Jones, Absolute Assurance Restorations

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Not every home needs a complete roof replacement. That is another reason why it is hugely important that you choose roofing companies with verifiable reputations. Sadly, far too many companies tell homeowners that they just need a new roof without considering other options. They ignore the needs of the customer and push for the full replacement of their roof.

In addition to this practice being very wasteful, it heaps unnecessary stress onto the homeowner. There is nothing like stressing someone out by providing them with an absurd roof estimate for a roof that doesn’t need to be replaced. And this shoddy practice can easily cause any homeowner to become jaded about all companies, and understandably so.

Any time you need a full roof replacement, the roofing company you choose to use should be able to demonstrate exactly why the whole roof needs replaced instead of a partial replacement or a simple repair. Remarkably, we have even seen some situations where the roof didn’t need replaced or even repaired!

Roofersaerial view of roof from above showing grey shingles and cream colored siding installed by roofing companies

Absolute Assurance Restorations are highly recommended roofers serving Central Ohio. Our services include the best slate roofers in the region, as well as metal roofers, rubbers roofers and flat roofers. Also, our siding contractors services are best rated. In addition, we do skylight replacement and repair, windows installation, gutters and gutter guards installation.

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