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Roofing Reviews Project 5: Storm Damage

Another customer left us an awesome review. It means a lot to us when customers offer kind and reassuring words about our work. I like sharing some of our customers stories to help future customers know what to expect when we do work for them, especially on roof projects. Hiring the right roofer is not always an easy task, but it helps to know what to expect from the roofer you hire.

Hail Damage Roofing

This customer contacted us after a severe hail storm hit their region. Typically, hail requires 1.5″ to 2″ hail to be damaging enough to affect large enough sections of your roof. Mostly, you might need some roof repairs, or some siding repairs. Large hail isn’t a typical weather effect in any region, however, when large hail strikes it really causes a lot of damage.

When large enough hail strikes your roof it can damage the seals on your shingles. Damaged shingles lead to water making its way underneath your roof and into your home. The effects can be very devastating to your roofing system and cause a lot of stress for any homeowner.

After responding to this customers call we got to work right away. We arrived quickly and did a thorough roof inspection. The storm damage from the home was extensive and covered almost the entire roof. We believed that this qualified them as storm damage and cause for them to pursue a roof damage claim.

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Hail Damage Roofers

Next, the homeowner coordinated a meet up with their insurance company and we pointed out all of the damage to their adjustor. It didn’t take long for their insurance company to offer to pay for an entire roof replacement as well as a solid amount of interior damage.

After insurance approval, we did an entire roof replacement on the home. We installed a superior roofing system that will protect the home for years to come. Also, we repaired all of the damage done to the interior of the home, leaving everything like new.

Lastly, this customer was so pleased with our performance that they had us do an additional roof replacement for them and referred us to their mother when she needed roofing services! In the end, that is what it is all about, serving customers in their time of need and providing superior workmanship so they won’t have to worry about their roof.

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“Jason and his crew handled storm damage to one of my rental properties as well as roof and water damage to my personal home. The work was top notch and they kept the interior of the house spotless while doing pretty extensive drywall demo and insulation removal. He did all the communication with the insurance company also which was a huge burden off of my wife and I. My mother recently suffered some roof issues on her home and my first call was to Absolute!”

Aaron Elliston

“Thank you for the review. We appreciate you letting us serve your restoration needs.”

-Jason Jones, Absolute Assurance Restorations

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Absolute Assurance Restorations are one of the top rated roofing companies serving Central Ohio. Our services include all types of roofing jobs like slate roof repair, metal, rubber and flat roofing. Also, we are one of the top siding companies in the region. In addition, we do skylight installation and repair, windows installation, gutters and gutter guards installation.

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