storm damage roofing replacement on home with skylights

Roofing Reviews Project 4: Storm Damage

This customer left us an awesome roofing review after she had called us about storm damage to her roof caused by a recent storm. You could see the damage from the ground and there were torn shingles in the yard. While not all storm damage is this obvious, this roof happened to be. We ended up doing a storm damage roof replacement and it was paid for by her insurance.

Storm Damage Roofing

First, she called us for a free estimate of her roof to assess the extent of the damage. Next, she signed with us after I explained to her our storm damage roofing process and how we could assist her during the insurance phase. I would be certain that all damage was pointed out to the insurance company. Also, when we did the roof replacement I would be certain that everything was up to code and satisfied the Ohio regulations for roofing systems installation.

Many homeowners who get roof replacements are unfamiliar with what roofers are supposed to be doing and what the proper regulations for installation are. This gets a lot of people into a lot of trouble long after their chosen roofer is gone. Always be certain you are using reputable and licensed roofing companies. An improperly installed roof will cause you a lot of problems in the long run. 

It is important to ask for licensing and insurance credentials before allowing a roofer to start doing any roof repairs, or roofing project on your behalf. Many horror stories exist because some homeowners didn’t think to verify much of what the roofer was promising them. Also, check their online reviews and see what other customers like yourself are saying about their experience with that particular roofing company. 

Storm Damage Roof Repair

new roof installation on home from storm damage

“Jason is very professional and did a great job replacing my roof after I had wind damage. He took care of all the paperwork and contacting my insurance company. His company replaced my roof very quickly, once the insurance came through. It looks great!”

Diane Y.

“Thank you Diane for the awesome storm damage roofing review!” 

-Jason Jones, Absolute Assurance Restorations


storm damage roof replacement on home

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