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Top Roofing Contractor Near Mansfield Lahm Regional Airport

Absolute Assurance Restorations is a top roofing contractor near Mansfield Lahm Regional Airport, Mansfield, Ohio. We were contacted recently by a customer and this customer’s name was Michael. Unfortunately, Michael discovered water damage occurring due to an exterior roof leak. Because of the requirements of his homeowner’s insurance policy he needed to limit the damage as soon as possible. As a result he inspected his roof from the ground once the weather cleared. He didn’t recognize any damage from the ground. No missing shingles and he couldn’t quite tell if there were lifted up shingles on his roof. Almost certainly he figured he had wind damage from the night before, he could hear the wind howl from indoors. 

Top Roofing Contractor near Mansfield Lahm Regional Airport

Michael was certain that the interior water damage was caused by wind damage to his roof, but he was uncertain as to the extent of the damage. He knew he needed to take action immediately to avoid additional damage on the interior of his home and his attic. Michael did a search for the top roofing contractor roofing contractor near Mansfield Lahm Regional Airport, Mansfield, Ohio, where his home was located. He contacted us, Absolute Assurance Restorations, for the reason that so many other customers do, we are the top rated roofing contractor in the region. We responded immediately to his call.

We did a Free Roof Estimate

Firstly, when we arrived, we immediately performed a thorough roof inspection. Next, we discussed with Michael the type of roof damage that we found and provided him with a free written estimate. Almost all of the damage was caused on the front side of his home. His home had lifted up shingles and nail pops scattered across an entire section of his roof. Fortunately, the sheathing wood beneath the roof was sturdy and would not need to be replaced. We provided Michael with everything he needed due to the fact that he wanted to contact his homeowner’s insurance company about a claim. Lastly, we tarped the front side of his to prevent any additional rain damage that could occur. 

A few days later Michael requested that we meet with him. When we arrived we had a detailed discussion about his best options. Michael wanted us to replace his roof and restore his interior home. His insurance company said they would cover the damage and agreed to honor our detailed and thorough estimate. Also, Michael was excited that this included all of the interior ceiling damage. 

We Scheduled a Roof Replacement

Next, Michael scheduled the best time for him to have us repair his roof. We worked out the details with him and ordered the materials. Once we got the final approval, we got to work and did a complete roof replacement. We tore off the old, installed the new roof, and we repaired the interior ceiling damage in one day. 

Certainly, we greatly appreciate Michael choosing Absolute Assurance Restorations in Mansfield, Ohio. We are top rated Mansfield roofers. Also, we are also a top rated siding contractor in Mansfield, Ohio. In addition, we do skylights contractor services, metal roofing, and storm damage gutters replacement. Call for a free estimate (419) 709-7223.

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