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Roofers Ohio Stay-Home Orders

How is the stay-at-home order in Ohio working out for Roofers? 

How is the current Ohio stay-home order working out for roofers? So far, things are working out pretty well. While I cannot speak for any other roofers near me, we have been able to repair lots of roofs and follow the “no contact” orders. We have responded to many roof repair calls and our roofers are able to successfully inspect our customers roofs while maintaining a safe distance. Also, customers with interior ceiling damage have successfully provided us with pictures so we can document the damage in our estimates. 
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Storm Damaged Roofs

Putting emergency tarps on storm damaged roofs has been easy to do. Certainly, that part of the process doesn’t involve direct contact with our customers. After tarping a customers roof, we have emailed them their estimate and got the process rolling for the customers who have claims they need to file. A lot of their roofs were damaged in the recent storms. Also, we have had quite a bit of hail damage in certain areas from hail that is almost two inches in diameter!
We have had plenty of roof repairs and many of our customers have been very accommodating and understanding. Our new process of avoiding close contact and emailing estimates to customers has been a big success. If anything, most customers seemed very excited about the ease of transition under the current circumstances. We are very grateful that all of our customers have been so easy to work with during this period of extreme caution. 

As roofers, Absolute Assurance Restorations will continue to remain open during this Ohio stay-at-home period because we are an essential business. When your roof is damaged, we will respond quickly for you. Also, if you need siding repair, metal roof repair, or slate roof repair, contact us. We treat our customers with the highest priority. Contact us for a free estimate (419) 709-7223.

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