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Roofers Ohio Responsible Restart

Roofers Ohio Responsible Restart Update

Throughout the Ohio stay-at-home orders, Absolute Assurance Restorations has been operating at full-scale as an essential business. As hard working roofers in Ohio, we are super excited that a plan was laid out to Responsibly Restart Ohio that will directly help more businesses reopen across Ohio. Since we have been fully functional throughout these difficult times, we are confident that as a society we can do this while protecting one another.

Basic Safety Procedures Will Continue

Public officials laid out their basic plan for all Ohioans to follow so that more of us can get back to work while simultaneously still protecting each other and our families. Firstly, the plan involves staggering the opening of select sectors of the economy while still balancing health and safety. Secondly, maintaining current social distancing procedures are essential. Thirdly, employees must wear “face coverings.” Also, employees must maintain hand washing procedures and periodically sanitize their work spaces. Lastly, any employee who is symptomatic at work must “immediately isolate and seek medical care.” 

Here is the bulletin issued out by health officials:

roofers Ohio responsible restart Ohio guidelines

Responsible Restart Ohio Business Open Dates

Here is a breakdown of businesses that can open in Ohio with the start date:

  • On May 1, we will have a healthcare opening. Remember, we slowed non-essential procedures down because we needed to make sure: that we had enough hospital beds, PPE, and social distancing… All healthcare procedures that do not require an overnight stay in a hospital can move forward. Dentists and veterinarians can also begin full steam ahead on May 1.
  • May 4th: Manufacturing, Distribution, and Construction will open back up. But we’re going to require those who are opening and those who already have been open – to follow strict guidelines on how to reopen.
  • May 4th: General office environments can reopen in Ohio. However, we still want people to work from home as much as possible.
  • May 12th: Consumer, Retail, and Services to reopen.

Businesses Not Scheduled to Open Yet

At this time, some business sectors are not permitted to reopen until further notice including: 

roofers ohio business sectors still closed

I personally know many small business owners who cannot open yet. They are great people and this is a very difficult time for them and their employees. I think it is important for the rest of us to do our part to further this opening process along by maintaining all required safety standards. Until then, we will continue to support as many businesses as we can, including restaurants who offer carry-out meals and eLearning for students.

Soon enough, we hope our fellow Ohioans are back to work. I look forward to the day when I can get my typical buzz cut, get a great workout in at the gym, and grab a beer at my favorite restaurant.

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