Max Robbins – Expert Roofer


Max Robbins has been a roofer for longer than most of us have been alive. He has earned the nickname “Mad Max”, partly because he gets mad when he sees other roofing companies do a shoddy job, but mostly because he loves the Mad Max movie with Mel Gibson and decided the name made sense to him. Mad Max can dangle off the steepest roof imaginable and he is fearless while scaling a roof. (Of course, all OSHA laws are being followed at all times. Max is “mad”, not crazy.) Max has an impressive skillset, including:

  • Roof Repair & Replacement
  • Siding Repair
  • Steep Roof Repair
  • Repelling from the top of a roof

Mad Max is an invaluable member to our team. Most crews wish they had a guy like Mad Max. 


He was born in a brier patch. 

Professional Life:

He refuses to wear a suit and tie, only his roofing gear.

Roof Repair


Roof Tear-Off


Gutter Installation


Doing Math on the Spot


Max refuses to use social media because it rots the brain. He believes "you should do the same."