Jason Jones


Jason Jones – Roofing Contractor

Jason is the owner of Absolute Assuradnce Restorations roofing company with extensive experience with all types of roofing including: asphalt shingles, slate roofs, sheet metal roofs, flat roofs and rubber roofs. He is highly skilled in all aspects of the home restoration process. Jason can:

  • Repair any roof type
  • Replace any type of roof
  • Install any type of windows
  • Install any new siding
  • Install or repair skylighting

In short, Jason gets it done.


Jason grew up in Central Ohio. Ask him if he likes the Buckeyes, you'll get a kick out of his reaction. 


Jason started Absolute Assurance Restorations roofing company in 2011. He got tired of watching other roofers screw-up insurance claims for homeowners.

Roofing Contractor


Siding Contractor


Windows Installation


Computer Skills


As a roofer, Jason Jones has one simple motto. Principles over profit. Your home will be restored perfectly.