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Mansfield Roof Replacement Project

When we take on different roofing projects we make absolutely certain we give it our full attention. This concept seems obvious and like it should be the basic operating principle for all roofers. Remarkably, many roofers don’t follow that simple common sense concept. 

That’s why at Absolute Assurance Restorations we follow a process for roof inspections. Certainly, we follow our in-house storm damage inspection process on each roof. This is a process we developed over the years that has helped hundreds of homeowners qualify for free roofs (paid for by insurance). Indeed, when we inspect your roof we don’t cut any corners. Therefore, on every roof we inspect we are on the lookout for possible storm damage.

From Roof Leak to Storm Damage Roof Replacement


roofers Mansfield new sienna brown shingle roof installed

This is especially true when homeowners call about roof leaks. Oftentimes, they aren’t keeping track of when storms came through their area, especially if they don’t notice the leak right away. Sometimes it just sneaks up on you. 

For instance, a recent customer called us about a roof leak and we scheduled the inspection at her earliest possible convenience. On the phone she described symptoms of water leaking that we were very familiar with based on our experience. Of course, she believed it would be a typical roof repair for the leak. However, our roofer found where the leaks were originating and not shockingly to us, lots of storm damage. In addition, we discovered sheathing damage underneath the shingles and made sure it was documented thoroughly. He documented the damage and provided her with the photographs and necessary information and she filed a claim.

We walked her through the process and within days, the adjuster approved the claim and we scheduled her new roof replacement. The rest is history. She received a brand new roof because of severe storm damage and it was covered by her insurance. 

Full Roof Warranty

All of our roofs are installed with the highest quality shingles and come with a workmanship guarantee. We are proud of the workmanship we provide and always take care of our customers. All of our roofs are installed in accordance with the Ohio Revised Code for residential roofing and commercial roofing. 

We are top rated roofers in Mansfield, Ohio. Absolute Assurance Restorations provides services for all types of roofs including, shingles, metal roofing, slate roofing, rubber roofing and flat roofing. Also, we are one of the top rated vinyl siding companies in the region. In addition, we can repair or replace your skylights, windows and gutters. Contact us for a free roofing inspection. (419) 709-7223

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