Mansfield Roof Replacement Project 2

This is yet another example of a home that experienced storm damage and we assisted the homeowner in getting all damages replaced. Instead of showing up and just giving a quote for a roof repair, like many other roofers, I sent one of my highly trained roofers out to do a thorough inspection of the entire roof and siding. After careful inspection, our roofer discovered severe storm damage across multiple sections of the roof. 

[As one of the top rated roofing contractors Mansfield Ohio, we pride ourselves on providing you with the most thorough roof inspection in the industry. Accordingly, we follow a point by point storm damage inspection process and we inspect every part of your roof. Contact the top residential roofing company for a free estimate.]

Free Roofing Estimate

First of all, in this particular situation, this homeowner contacted us for a free roofing estimate. Secondly, one of my highly trained roofers met with the homeowner at their convenience. Thirdly, instead of assuming the roof just needed a basic roof repair, my roofer discovered legitimate storm damage when he performed our step by step storm damage inspection process. And the damage was quite extensive across multiple sections of the roof.

Lastly, our roofer processed the estimate and provided it to the homeowner to submit it to the insurance company. The homeowner requested that we meet with the adjuster and after some back and forth with the insurance company, the roof damage was approved. 

Roofing Contractors

Aren’t All Roofers Equally As Good?  

roofers in Mansfield Ohio roofing project home with new shingle roof and white vinyl siding

Actually, “no”. This scenario I described seems so simple, yet it gets botched quite often by shoddy roofers. This is a process that cannot be left to inexperienced companies and pushy sales people. The roof on your home matters greatly and no one can afford the time, money and frustration of hiring less-than-reputable contractors.  

Like any other profession, there is an entire spectrum of roofers who are great, good, average, below average and downright terrible. Calling a roofer who is anything but great (or at least good) makes it a near certainty that something is going to go wrong with your roof repair or replacement. And I’m not referring to issues like poor communication, untimely communication, or poor cleanup. I’m talking about someone who completely botches your roof by not installing it correctly, using shoddy materials, shoddy workmanship, or overcharges you in some way. 

The Importance of Your Roof

Your roof is your homes first and last line of defense. And there is nothing that protects your home from the outside elements that is more important than your roof. Your siding and windows are a close second. So picking a great roofer is essential to making certain that it is installed correctly, according to the Ohio Revised Code. Also, a great roofer will use top quality materials, provide outstanding workmanship and be certain that you aren’t overcharged. 

Absolute Assurance Restorations is the most qualified storm damage roofer in the region. We have multiple offices serving a wide range of Central Ohio including Mansfield, Ashland, Bucyrus, Delaware, Mt. Vernon, etc. Also, we are one of the top rated vinyl siding companies in the region. In addition, we install slate roofing, metal roofing, rubber roofing, flat roofs, skylight replacement and gutters. Contact us for a free estimate. (419) 709-7223.

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