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How Long Should My Roof Last?

When assessing how long your roof should last, you must take into consideration a few important factors. Firstly, how old is your roof? Secondly, was your roof installed properly? Most importantly, when your roof was installed, what quality of shingles were used?

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How Old Is Your Roof?

Most shingle roofs will last 20-30 years with minimal maintenance. The sun and harsh weather can really wear down a roof, especially a roof with no shade in the summer and harsh winds hitting it in the winter. In Central Ohio, those winds can be especially harsh adding to the wear and tear of a roof.

Was Your Roof Installed Properly?

Roof installation is hugely important when assessing the lifespan of your roof. Improper installation affects the lifespan of a lot of roofs. From improperly aligned shingles to not using enough nails per shingle, each of these can cause your roof to wear out much quicker, develop leaks, and require excessive costly roof leak repairs along the way.

Oftentimes, homeowners try to purchase the cheapest roof possible, and understandably so. However, cheaper doesn’t mean higher quality, or longer lasting. Cheaper installers are typically using lower quality materials and use less experienced roofers to install the roof.

(On a side note, we have had to rescue a lot of homeowners over the years from improperly installed roofs. Sometimes that cheap roof you have the opportunity to purchase might come with a horror story. And we have seen some pretty awful situations unsuspecting homeowners have had to deal with.)

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Do You Have High Quality Shingles?

In addition, the quality of your shingles can also heavily factor into how long your roof should last. High quality shingles are heavier and more durable. And they can resist much harsher winds than your average shingle sold at your local home improvement store.

Where can you get more durable shingles for your roof? Like I mentioned above, most of the shingles available at your local home improvement store are light-weight shingles and tend to be cheaper quality (you get what you pay for). Consequently, the heavy duty shingles are typically only available through roofing companies who have received training to become certified installers by the shingle manufacturers. In short, using a licensed and certified roofer can really pay off in the long run. Most notably, on all of our roof replacements and installs, we follow the Ohio Revised Code of regulations.

All of these factors added up will tell you how long your roof should last. The better the quality and installation of your roof, plus how old your roof is, will typically determine how long your roof will last. 

Absolute Assurance Restorations has a proven track record for properly installing roofs and providing homeowners with that peace of mind you deserve. We provide you with long-lasting warranties and a workmanship guarantee on all of our work, as demonstrated by our top rated reviews as roofing contractors in Mansfield, Ohio.

Also, as one of the best certified siding companies we install and replace all types of vinyl, wood and aluminum siding. In addition, we provide windows and skylight replacement, and gutter replacement. Lastly, we are certified slate roofers, metal roofing, rubber roofing and flat roofing installers. 

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