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Common Signs of an Aging Roof

Is it time for a new roof? How do you know if your roof is going bad? Are there signs I should be paying attention to? Here are some four typical symptoms you would want to watch for when you are considering having a roof replacement. 

Common Signs of an Aging Roof

new roof installation and siding installation by roofing companies

Why does my roof have discoloration on it? 

Many shingles roofs are susceptible to having discoloration on them. This is caused by a type of blue-green algae that can grow on your shingles caused by Gloeocapsa Magma. This type of algae makes your roof look like it is in bad shape. It also can reduce the value of your home because it can really look bad. However, this blue-green algae does not actually harm your roof or affect the lifespan of your roof. So do not concern yourself with a roof repair to fix this. 

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new roof installation and siding installation on garage by roofers

Why are my shingles peeling?

After years of exposure to the harsh elements like wind, rain, snow and ice, your shingles may start peeling. When your roof peels it is because some layers are expanding faster than other layers. Consequently, this causes the top layer of your shingle to pull away from the lower layer. When this pulling occurs it looks like the shingles are peeling away. Oftentimes, you may need to start planning for a new roof installation

new roof installation on home with blue siding by roofing companies

Why are my shingles blistering?

Roof blistering can occur due to poor ventilation in your attic. Your roof needs to breathe by having the hot air circulated out of the attic. This is done by having proper ventilation from your soffits and your ridge. When the proper ventilation was either installed incorrectly, blockage occurs, or is simply non-existent, underneath your roof can get too hot and cause your shingles to blister. This will weaken your roof’s effectiveness and reduce its lifespan.   

And it is important to note that slate roofing is the one type of roof that doesn’t blister. 

Why am I losing energy efficiency?

As your roof develops any of these types of issues it can affect your homes energy efficiency. When you have an aging roof, or it has damages, it reduces the insulation effectiveness which increases your home’s energy costs. A poor quality roof may cause your HVAC system to struggle to reach optimal temperatures during the peak winter and summer temperatures, driving up your energy bills. 

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