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Ask Your Roofer This Before Signing a Contract

Oftentimes, after major storms, people claiming to be local roofers knocking on your door doesn’t mean that they are local or that they even have an actual office somewhere. The vast majority of reputable roofers have actual physical offices nearby or somewhere in your region. But storm-chasers who lack a physical office may also lack legitimate credentials for you to entrust them with repairing or replacing your roof. Here are some questions you may want to ask your roofer before signing a contract with them.

Ask Your Roofer This Before Signing a Contract

Fly-by-night companies don’t stick around long enough to accept the blame for the damage they cause to homeowners. Many even copy popular sounding local roofing companies names, a huge red flag. However, you can be sure that wherever there is a severe storm, you will find less than reputable fly-by-night roofers.

How Long has the Local Roofer been in Business?

Before signing any agreement with any roofer, do a thorough online background check about the prospective companies. Fortunately, with the internet you can find the answers to many of these questions. Also, you can trace their company histories very quickly to verify how long they have been in business and if they even are a business! Find the answers to some of these questions before agreeing to do anything with any roofer.

Ask Your Roofer This Before Singing Contract

ask your roofer this before signing contract home with shingle roof

It is important to verify if the prospective company is a certified roofer. You can do that by not just asking if they are licensed and insured, but you can ask to see their license and insurance information.

Are They a Certified Roofer?

In the state of Ohio a roofing and siding installation company needs to have a general contractors license to operate. Most reputable roofers will provide you with their credentials. For example, they will either physically show you their general contractors license. Also, they should be willing to email it to you if you request it. Also, you need to check their liability insurance and workmen’s compensation insurance. They need to have verifiable proof that they insure themselves against losses (damages to your home) and injuries to their workers. Most importantly, as a homeowner, you need to be protected from reckless and uninsured companies. As an example, most roofing companies will carry north of one million dollars on a general liability insurance policy.

What is the Roofers BBB Rating?

Be certain to check for your roofing company’s Better Business Bureau rating. Almost all reputable roofers are registered and can be found easily online doing a simple search of the BBB website. While many of them might not have actual reviews on the BBB website, check their actual rating. Most importantly, find a roofing company that has an A+ Rating with their residential roofing customers. This means that your preferred roofer has an excellent dispute-resolution policy. Most importantly, they can handle complaints from customers diligently and in a timely manner.

Ask for References

Lastly, ask your roofer for references. It is helpful to know that other customers, just like you, have had a positive and satisfactory experience with your roofer. Oftentimes, it even helps to know that your roofer has successfully handled similar projects. Experience matters, and all roofers are not equal when it comes to experience level. Certainly, this matters most for storm damage jobs involving an insurance claim. 

At Absolute Assurance Restorations, you can count on us to repair or install your roof in accordance with the latest building regulations. Certainly, we follow the strict guidelines that come from the Ohio Revised Code. Our experience and skill level is reflected in our online reviews from our customers. Feel free to contact us, because we are happy to answer any questions you may have about roofing and storm damage claims. We are a top roofer near Mansfield, Ohio. Call us at (419) 709-7223.

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