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4 Questions to Ask During Your Free Roof Inspection

A professional roof inspection can help you understand what condition your roof is currently in. This opens the door for you to make better decisions about getting repairs or investing in a new roofing system. Learning more about your roofing system and structure will assist you in the decision making process. Our highly trained roofers share some important questions you should ask to determine if you are dealing with a reputable roofing company.

Questions to ask during your Free Roof Inspection

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How often should I have my roof inspected by a professional roofing company?

It depends on the age of your roof. Newer roofs should be inspected after major storms and if you notice lifted up shingles on the roof, shingles in the yard, or if you have leaks on your ceilings inside your home. 

Older roofs (over 10 years old) need to be watched a bit more carefully. Have it inspected every other year to determine the wear and tear from the volatile weather. Also, most roofers should be able to determine the remaining useful life of your roof.

Which parts of my roof need to be inspected?

Roofers should inspect the entire roofing system. Your shingles, flashing, attic ventilation, gutters and downspouts all need to be inspected. You may have lifted-up shingles caused by winds that aren’t noticeable from the ground. And you may have flashing that has deteriorated over the years that is allowing moisture and rain underneath your shingles causing leaks. 

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Will my roof need to be replaced?

Typically, basic roof repairs should suffice for newer roofs. Unless something catastrophic has occurred like serious storm damage caused by high winds or hail, only then would you need a new roof installation. 

On older roofs any serious storm damage may require a full roof replacement or replacing an entire section of your roof. However, section repairs may be more necessary than just a basic roof repair because of how many shingles may need to be replaced. It may be more cost effective to replace a section instead of the whole roof, but it will still be a bit pricier than replacing the entire roof system. 

Is my roof well-ventilated? 

Attic ventilation is a necessity for a properly functioning roofing system. When your attic isn’t ventilated properly there can be a buildup of moisture and heat causing damaged shingles, mold and mildew. Poor ventilation will wear down your roof much faster. Knowledgeable roofers will be able to assess the air flow and make cost effective recommendations to extend the useful life of your roof. 

Familiarizing yourself with these four questions to ask during your free roof inspection will make you more informed and knowledgeable about the roof on your home. 

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