3 tips for storm damaged roof home with shingles
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3 Must-Know Tips If Your Roof Has Storm Damage

3 Must Know Tips if Your Roof has Storm Damage

The first must-know tip if your roof has storm damage is, you need to know your homeowner’s insurance policy. Very few homeowners have the time to sit around studying their homeowner’s policy. So when you need to find out what type of policy you have and what it specifically covers, it can feel overwhelming. However, your policy reveals what it covers better than any person offering you their opinion.

Verify Your Coverage in Your Actual Policy

Call your insurance company and be certain you write down what they are telling you is covered and then verify on your actual written policy what they told you is true. Knowledge really is power and you should not just take their word for it. Your policy states specifically what it covers and it should be in writing on your actual policy. When you speak to your insurance agent, request that your agent directs you to the proper section so you know what is covered and what responsibilities you have as the homeowner.

Contact Local Roofers for a Free Estimate

must know tips if you have storm damage home with roof replacement

What responsibilities do I have as a homeowner? First of all, you need to take proper action to prevent additional damage to your home. For example, you would contact some reputable roofers near Mansfield, Ohio. You will need them to come to your home and identify the damage and to provide you with a detailed written estimate of all those damage. You will then know if your home needs a roof repair or a roof replacement. Following this must know tip if your roof has storm damage will greatly help move the process along. Certainly, when you have your detailed written estimate to go over with your insurance claims agent, this will put you into a position of knowing what needs repaired.

Have Roofers Cover the Damage to Prevent Additional Roof Repairs

Lastly, a hugely important must know tip if you have storm damage is to have those roofers cover the damaged parts of your roof to prevent further damage. Immediately covering the damaged parts of your roof will reduce the risk of further damage and allow you to fulfill your obligation regarding your insurance policy to prevent any additional damage. Most importantly, when you have your roof covered it will set you on a path to protecting the interior of your home. For example, you will reduce the chances of roof leaks allowing water into the interior walls of the home and causing mold and wood rot. 

At Absolute Assurance Restorations, you can count on us to return your home to its proper condition. We repair and install all types of roofs in accordance with the Ohio Revised Code building regulations. Also, we are a top rated siding company in Mansfield, Ohio. In addition, we can repair or replace your gutters and we are a skylights contractor in Mansfield, Ohio. Call for a free estimate (419) 709-7223.

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